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Pokémon Go Privacy Invasion

By: Ted Bauman

The wildly popular Pokémon Go app is the latest in free-to-play genre that’s turning you, your smartphone data and your private information into a commodity ...

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Yellen’s Great Interest Rates Game

By: Chad Shoop

While investors on Wall Street wait for a hike in interest rates that will not arrive any time soon, there are opportunities to be had if you plan your moves...

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All-In for the Internet of Things Tech Trend

By: Paul Mampilly

Those with information and an understanding of an idea’s potential bet big. And one big bettor just plunked down $32 billion in an Internet of Things company...

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Watch Out for This 40% Market Plunge

By: Jeff Opdyke

Driven by unwarranted giddiness and optimism, the Dow and the S&P 500 are both at record highs. A decline is imminent. The question is: How low can it go?


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  • Gary S.

    I couldn’t agree more in Jeff’s overview article entitled “Why Being Sovereign Matters”. You hit the nail on the head. I’m aware of a few Americans who became citizens of other countries due to the facts highlighted in this article. Thanks for your enlightenment.

  • Kelly W.

    I have been a subscriber to this newsletter for a long time and it is wonderful. Great investment advise and overview of the news. The economic perspective is way ahead of the curve and tells things the TV talking heads never tell you!

  • Brian F.

    Just wanted to say thanks for your articles that pointed me in the right direction.

Subscribers Testimonial

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