The 210-Year Old Economic Booby Trap That’s About to Snare Almost Everyone

(including you - unless you make this bold financial move today)

An International Grand Chess Master and an Ex-IMF Economist have just unearthed what may be remembered as: “The Holy Grail of Crisis Economics.” It’s a financial tipping point that over 40 countries are rapidly approaching today. The last time this happened on such a scale was in 1932. Though most investments got leveled back then, one stock went up 55,000%...

Get ready for the third and final act of the global financial crisis…

Dear Reader,

John Puglsey
By John Pugsley
The Sovereign Society

There’s a secret number buried in the private books of governments the globe over…

It’s a key economic figure that almost every government on the planet would prefer to keep to itself.

And for centuries they pretty much have.

But an international grand chess master and an Ex-IMF economist have just unearthed it.

Unsatisfied with the financial fossil record, these economists went on a grand expedition in financial archaeology.

Their quest took them everywhere from Maui to Indonesia…Argentina to Greece…

They dug up the financial records of 66 countries dating back to 1800. They explored data from the now defunct League of Nations. Plus they dug up papers and reports from decades of scholars and many government agencies.

And what they excavated was a financial secret that has been hidden for centuries.

This secret, they soon found out, was the true cause behind almost every major country crisis the global economy has experienced in the past 210 years – yet it has been strangely absent from the vast volumes of economic literature and financial analysis.

Considering the relevance that this key figure has in gauging the economic health of a country, they were shocked that the data was rarely available from any public source. Not from the IMF. Not from the World Bank. Not from the UN. And rarely even from the country itself. No wonder generations of economists have missed it. And no wonder barely a single economist alive today picked up on it.

Yet the significance of it cannot be understated. And the implications it has on how the global financial crisis will play out are shocking, to say the least.

At the very least, you can expect Nobel Prizes for the economists who uncovered it.   But it will be a bittersweet reward because you can also expect…

Poverty on a scale never before seen…widespread social unrest…industries breaking apart…once revered financial systems pushed to the brink of extinction… currencies and even entire countries collapsing…

Rob Parenteau, a chief U.S. economist is predicting it will be:

“The Story of Our Time”

Arab News is calling it: “The Ultimate Risk.”

And the Finacial Times says get ready for the Second Great Depression.

But suffice it to say, Bernanke, the Fed, the governments of the world, and the media establishment have led you to believe that “This Time is Different…That all the Fed fiddling, and all the Fed’s Men CAN put the global economy back together again.”

But empirical evidence spanning 66 countries over 208 years would say otherwise…

Dear reader, we have been here before.

In this special report, I’ll tell you about this shocking find in the economic archeological record…I’ll tell you what it means to the global financial crisis today, and more importantly what it means to your future…

But there’s no reason to get crushed by it…

In this special report, you’ll learn about:

  • How the Third and Final Act of the Global Financial Crisis is About to Play Out. Almost every great banking crisis in the past 210 years has usually been followed by yet another crisis, one Bernanke and the Media have neglected to mention. But pay homage to history, and even while mainstream investments get vaporized, you can be invested in the same kind of stocks and industries that went up as much as 55,000% the last time this scenario played out
  • The Sovereign Black List. Over 40 emerging markets today are implementing stimulus packages that mirror efforts being made in the advanced nations in order to jumpstart their own economies. They are rapidly accumulating massive external AND internal debts, and are about to default…
  • Where NOT to Have Your Money Over the Next Five Years.
  • 3 of the Biggest Beneficiaries of Obama’s New “New Deal.” During the last Great Depression, 3 companies profited greatly from government-sponsored programs, which were designed to rebuild the world and get the economy back online. $1,000 invested into each of them in 1932 would’ve been worth $765,000 by 1952. The same trend is underway today. And we’ll tell you who we think “The Next Big 3” will be…
  • How to Trade Like a Financial God in the World’s Hottest New Asset Class. The coming events will turn this alternative asset class (hands down) into the biggest and most wildly profitable market in the world. We’ll show you how to play it like the big boys. You don’t need a huge portfolio. You don’t need special trading accounts. And if you follow the big trends, it’s much easier and safer to play than the stock market. It’s a whole new trading game…

Turning Crisis into Opportunity for 12 Years Now

My name is John Pugsley. I am the Chairman of a private group of international free-thinkers called the Sovereign Society.

We are advised by an unmatched team of investment experts and analysts from around the globe…from London to Zurich…Montreal to New York…Hong Kong to Panama City…Copenhagen to the Isle of Man. Collectively we boast over 400 years of experience.

Our advisors include top geopolitical forecasters, Swiss and Danish bankers, New York Times best-selling authors, international money managers, asset protection attorneys, tax specialists, privacy gurus, retirement experts, and currency and commodity traders.

We were also one of the first financial research groups to warn investors of the dangers in the derivatives market…and in a report mailed as far back as June 2004, we set out almost to a T exactly how today’s global financial crisis would unfold…

And in the summer of 2008 when everyone on Wall Street was telling investors that the worst was over, we sent out updated versions of this report impelling investors not to buy into their rhetoric…that the worst wasn’t over…and that banks like Lehman Brothers, Citigroup, Bank of America, Wachovia and Merrill Lynch were all about to fall…

So far, we’ve been eerily accurate when most other Wall Street gurus and titans were dead wrong. What’s more through all this mayhem, not only have we helped our members’ to protect their own capital, but we have helped steer them towards alternative investments that are way off the Wall Street radar, and which leapt 2, 3, 11 even as much as 18 times when almost everything else crashed.

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Shunning “Wall Street’s New Culture of Risk”

While Wall Street plays the markets one way, we play it another. We don’t buy into the “irrational exuberance” that so often grips the Street. We shun their “New Culture of Risk.” In fact, we look to banks and investments far away from Wall Street’s scandal-plagued casinos.

The nations we investigate and report on are not drowning in a sea of debt. Strong financial institutions, traditions and practices are still thriving in the top Money Havens where our members choose to invest. What’s more, you can access powerful financial products there that can open you up to a whole new world of booming investment opportunities…

And thanks to the Internet and the telecommunications revolution, you can access them just as easily as clicking your mouse. But by not following the Wall Street herd, by doing things differently, for over a decade now, our members have managed to turn great crises into great profits…through the Tech Wreck, 9/11, the crash of the once Almighty dollar, the accounting scandals of 2002, the bear market of 2002-2003, today’s credit crisis we have seen gains of 1794%… 678%… 797%… 501%…94%…37%…and more…

Now you can too. In fact, we believe that opportunities to make even two, ten, even fifty times these amounts might be just round the corner…

I’ll tell you about them in a moment, but first let me tell you about the shocking new evidence that an International Grand Chess Master and an Ex-IMF economist have recently dug up…and the devastating implications it could have for the global economy (and for your portfolio) today… 

Uncovering “The Holy Grail of Crisis Economics”

Carmen Reinhart and Kenneth Rogoff, two maverick economists have thrown hot coffee in the face of generations of financiers, bankers, analysts, Wall Street titans and political powwows…

Even after writing dozens of books on financial crises, and correctly forecasting the Mexican crisis, the Asian Contagion, Argentina’s default and the sub-prime mortgage meltdown, they still suspected that there were missing links in our understanding behind the real causes of a country crisis. 

Discontented with the financial fossil records, they went on a hunt to dig up new evidence that would give us deeper insight into past financial crises, but more importantly evidence that would help us understand today’s current one, and its evolution.

First of all, they discovered that over the last 208 years, 41 countries defaulted a total of 199 times on their external debt (i.e. the debt they owed to foreigners).

And they noted a number of events that led to this default.

The first event was a Market Boom.

A massive influx of capital gushed into the country (not unlike we’ve seen in many emerging markets this decade.) This influx pumped up the profits of local businesses and banks alike, which led to a borrowing binge that supported a great economic expansion.

But the expansion was one based on debt, not on real economic fundamentals, and was proven to be unsustainable.

This then led to the crisis.

And each crisis came in 3 Acts.

They were:

  • Act 1: Corporate Crisis. Public companies expanded too fast, and could no longer make the minimum payments on their debts, leading to a wave of corporate defaults.
  • Act 2: Banking Crisis. The banks incurred heavy investment losses, and a significant portion of the country’s banking sector became insolvent. The governments then made the fatal mistake of bailing them out. What they, in effect, did was bail out Zombie banks, which weren’t healthy enough to make new loans or get the economy growing again. This put huge financial pressure on the government. It was the Japanese Syndrome repeated again and again. (And tragically we are falling into the same trap today. The world is speaking Japanese. We just don’t know it.)
  • Act 3: Country Crisis. Government debts began a big 5-year run up. On average they rose 86% in the first 3 years. (Unfortunately, from our studies, we have learned that over 40 countries are approaching this stage today, and look set to be on the verge of default. That’s more than at any time since the Great Depression).

Their Next Discovery:
The Secret Number that Brings Economies to Their Knees!

A Debt-to-GNP ratio is the amount of money a nation owes to foreigners in comparison to the value of everything all its citizens produced in that year.

Reinhart and Rogoff discovered that on average countries tend to default when their Debt-to-GNP levels climb to around 69.3%. 

But what has mystified and eluded economists for generations is the fact that many emerging markets have chosen to default at much lower levels of Debt-to-GNP ratios.

Developed countries can default, and DO admittedly default, at much higher levels, largely because they try to print their way out of debt.

Although the latest Debt-to-GNP figures have yet to be released to the public, we can still get a good idea of what they might be by merely looking at a nation’s Debt-to-GDP ratio.

For example:

  • America’s Debt-to-GDP today is 99%.
  • The UK’s is 80%. 
  • And Japan’s is even higher at a staggering 223%.

These admittedly are wartime-like Debt-to-GDP levels.

We’ve never seen these levels before in peace times.

They are dangerously high.

And what in effect these countries are doing (ours included) are actually silently defaulting on their debts. (Of course, this scheme can only work for a time. And as you’ll see - that time may soon be up.)

Emerging markets, on the other hand, don’t have the luxury of doing this, largely because foreigners aren’t likely to lend to them (or rarely anyone else for that fact) in an emerging market currency.

For example, foreigners (like you and I) aren’t likely to lend Argentinean pesos to the Argentinean government (in fears that Argentina will merely pay us back by simply printing more pesos). We assume that the desire for an emerging market government to act like a kleptomaniac is just too great to resist. Thus we will only agree to lend to Argentina in say dollars, yen or euros or another currency we might choose to trust.

But why do countries choose to default at levels much lower than the average 69.3%?

That’s the question that’s stumped thousands of top economists for generations…

The Secret Debt Bombs at the
Heart of Every Country Crisis

After studying 199 country defaults over 208 years, Rogoff and Reinhart finally found the answer…

They unearthed a critical figure that had been hidden for centuries in the historical records. This figure was the country’s domestic debt figure. This was not the money that the emerging market government owed to foreigners. It was the money they owed to their own citizens.

For generations economists assumed that no citizen of an emerging market would voluntarily lend money to its own kleptomaniac government in its own currency. After all the government, in order to pay back its own citizens, could merely just let the printing presses roll. It could easily in effect just silently default on its obligations, by inflating the debt down to nothing.

So the logical explanation was that domestic currency public debt must not exist.

But it does. And it has for centuries.

And the even more shocking thing that Rogoff and Reinhart discovered was that not only were emerging markets harboring such debt on their books, the amount that they were harboring was usually equal to (and sometimes more than) the debt they owed to foreigners.

What that means is that their Debt-to-GNP levels were actually around double what the official figures were. It means that when Argentina shocked the world and defaulted on its debt in 2001 at only 50% of GNP, it was really harboring a Debt-to-GNP level around 100%.

The same was true of Mexico when it defaulted on its debt in 1982 at only 53% of GNP, and in 1994 at only 35%. The real figure was about double that.

What’s more, these maverick economists conducted a standard battery of tests on each country’s default, and their findings were confirmed right across the board.

The frightening thing for the global economy today is that we face the same debt problem – but on a scale not seen since the Great Depression...

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The Sovereign Black List

Many emerging markets today are implementing stimulus packages that mirror efforts being made in the advanced nations in order to jumpstart their economies. They are rapidly accumulating massive external AND internal debts.

Already over 40 countries in the world today look set to default.

The Sovereign Black List
(Over 40 Countries are Dangerously Dancing on the Cusp of Default)

Country Debt to GDP Ratio
Japan 223.4%
United States 99.3%
Italy 116.7%
United Kingdom 80.3%
Israel 80.1%
Belgium 101.2%
Iceland 147.1%
Ireland 82.9%

While most large nations like the United States, U.K., and Japan are in effect silently defaulting by simply printing their way out of debt, dozens of other struggling emerging markets will default outright. Based on the historical average, a country will default at a Debt-to-GNP ratio of 69.3%. But emerging markets often default at rates lower than this, due to their large domestic debt burdens (a fact that until recently, not a single economist knew about).

In The Sovereign Black List: How to Survive Through the Third and Final Act of the Global Financial Crisis, we’ll tell you about dozens of other nations that have now hit this secret tipping point and are on the verge of default. Plus you’ll also discover:

  • How to bank and invest privately, profitably and without restriction in some of the world’s greatest offshore havens.
  • Simple Yet Ultra-Profitable Currency Trading Techniques. We’ll tell you about a revolutionary new investment that can earn you 2 to 18 times your money simply by betting against each currency that is on the verge of collapse.
  • Why Gold Will Be One of the Best Investments Going Forward.
  • Revolutionary New ETF Trading Techniques, where you make 2 or 3 times your money by betting against an emerging market ready to fall. We’ll tell you our top 7 candidates.

To sign up for a risk-free trial membership just click on the “Join Now” button below and we’ll rush you a FREE copy of The Sovereign Black List: How to Survive Through the Third and Final Act of the Global Financial Crisis. 

Ecuador already defaulted in 2008. Dubai defaulted last year. But we believe this is only a glimpse of what’s to come. Right now Eastern Europe, a bunch of countries in the Middle East, even countries like Greece, Italy, and mega-economies like Japan, UK and the U.S. look set to default.

While the latter 3 will probably print their way out of the problem, causing massive inflationary pressures, and in effect silently defaulting, the others may begin to default outright.

And while the IMF might have some success bailing out the first few countries that default, it will soon become a systemic problem, as one default begets another, with serious spillover effects.

The IMF already has plans to quadruple its resources, but it still won’t be enough. The Bail-Out Pot needed this time is just too big. The giant Ponzi scheme of “Debt as Money” will finally come crashing to the ground in one last great cataclysmic splat.

The twisted and dark world of debt, and its effects, will come quickly (and violently) to light.  

We are as close to a 1930’s style depression as we have ever been. It may not be as bad. And it may not last as long. After all, we do know more now. But it is foolish for us to think that “This Time Will be Different.”

208 years of financial folly would say otherwise.

But there’s no reason you have to stand by and wait for the shock waves to wipe you out…

In fact, in a special investment alert we’ll rush you when you sign up for a risk-free trial membership to the Sovereign Society we’ll tell you all about the coming wave of Sovereign Defaults.

We’ll give you the list of countries that we believe are on the verge of default, and which you should avoid investing in. Plus we’ll tell you some of the easiest and quickest ways to shelter yourself from this third and final act of the global financial crisis. It’s called: The Sovereign Black List: How to Survive Through the Third and Final Act of the Global Financial Crisis. In it you’ll learn about offshore bank accounts, revolutionary new currency trading techniques, gold stocks and top investments from the world’s strongest new cash-rich emerging mega-markets.

I’ll tell you more about the extraordinary benefits you can receive as a member of the Sovereign Society in a moment, but first let me tell you about how you can not only survive through the coming wave of Sovereign Defaults, but bank profits of as much as 55,000% by being invested in the same kind of stocks and industries that soared the last time this scenario played out… 

In the 5 years before a country defaults, the government usually begins to rack up an enormous debt. On average government debt rises 86% in the first 3 years. Over 40 countries are approaching this stage now and look set to default. That’s more than at any time since 1932.

55,000% on the #1 Depression-Proof Stock

All kinds of investments got slaughtered during the Great Depression. An investment in the DOW in 1932 would’ve netted you zero return over the next 20 years. Everything from retailers to automakers…chemical companies to banks went nowhere.  

But not all was doom and gloom.

In fact, the Great Depression was a time when those who knew what they were doing made enormous economic strides, and the very nature of the depression worked in their favor. While most companies were cutting back on everything from staff to marketing, a few companies ramped up advertising budgets and production, and leapfrogged light-years ahead of their competitors…

They either watched their competitors go bankrupt or they swallowed them up whole, and added them to their growing Empire.

And even though conventional wisdom says that in a depression necessities like food and drugs soar over wants like cigarettes and flashy cars, that is not always the case. Cash-rich corporate kings who applied aggressive marketing strategies back then, like Procter and Gamble, Camel Cigarettes and Skelly Oil (now Chevron/Texaco) flew through the Great Depression, and became ever more dominant while their competitors got wiped out.  

But even beyond the “Procter and Gambles”, the one investment trend that ruled over almost all others was the big boom in infrastructure stocks.

In fact, one of these stocks, General Dynamics soared 55,000% from 1932 – 1952!

3 of the Best-Performing Stocks of the Era

Back then, just like now, a large chunk of stimulus dollars was earmarked for new infrastructure projects.

Part of Roosevelt’s “New Deal” was the Works Progress Administration (WPA). This program employed 8.5 million people. These people went to work on constructing bridges, highways, dams, parks, power plants, pipelines, railroads, refineries etc.

Obama’s New “New Deal” will no doubt end up being no different. Only it will need to be bigger, grander, and employ even more people. When things start to unravel, Obama will be forced to create another WPA. We already have around 10% unemployment in America, and if you include the people who are unskilled or who’ve given up looking for a job, that figure is closer to around 19%.

Paul Krugman, the Nobel-Prize winning economist, as well as a band of other political and economic influentials are already pushing for a new WPA.

But it won’t be the only one in the world. China. India. Brazil. Russia. The UK. Japan. Germany. Finland. And dozens of other countries across the planet will be employing similar programs. In fact, many of them have already begun.

These programs will be designed to get people back to work, and to get the economy back online. And they will be sponsored by big fat government grants. Follow this money trail (just as others did in the Great Depression) and you’ll end the era ten - maybe even a hundred times richer than your neighbor…

For example, the big infrastructure plays of the last Great Depression were General Dynamics, Granby Consolidated and Bethlehem Steel.

And while the DOW went nowhere, these stocks soared 55,000%… 13,483%… and 7,722% respectively.

That means $1,000 invested in each of them in 1932 was worth $765,000 by 1952. Not a bad return considering it was the worst 20-year period in economic history.  

$3,000 into $765,000 on These 3 Stocks

Company 1932 1952
General Dynamics $1,000 $551,000
Granby Consolidated $1,000 $135,830
Bethlehem Steel Corp. $1,000 $78,220
Total: $3,000 $765,000

Who Will Win the $41 Trillion Prize to
Build our New World?

As you well know, the globe is long overdue for an upgrade!

Railroads. Highways. Airports. Seaports. Power grids. Pipelines. Wastewater treatment facilities. Oil and gas refineries. Alternative energy production facilities. They all need either building or at the very least mending.

Plus with populations still exploding, and with strong cash-rich emerging mega-markets still on the rise, this infrastructure must be laid in order for economies like China, India and Brazil to continue their massive industrial expansion.

Some estimates say that over the next 20 years it will take a staggering $41 trillion to build and rebuild the world – a figure almost equal to the current market capitalization of all shares held in all markets across the globe.

According to a report from Morgan Stanley in the next decade: 

  • China alone will spend $9.3 trillion on infrastructure.
  • India will spend $2.8 trillion.
  • Russia will spend $2.2 trillion.
  • Brazil will spend $1.1 trillion.
  • The Middle East, spilling over with oil profits, will spend $868 billion. 
  • And the U.S. in the next few years will be forced to join the race in order to play catch-up, as the developing world becomes state-of-the-art.

It’ll be a Global Building Boom on a scale the world has never before seen: A feat to impress the Pharaoh’s.

And a large chunk of the trillions of global stimulus dollars has been earmarked for these infrastructure projects…

A Faultless Track Record of Success
Through Crisis After Crisis

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99% on the Rise of the East… Long before it became fashionable on Wall Street to start diversifying out of the lagging U.S. stock markets and into the booming new emerging markets of the East, Sovereign Society’s council of international experts were recommending ultra-safe, yet ground-breaking investments in Eastern Europe, China, India, Brazil, Middle East etc including little-known funds and stocks that even today you’d rarely find on the pages of the Wall Street Journal. We ’ve seen gains as high as 74% on India’s Tata Motors, 22% on Hungarian Government Bonds, 40% on Pall Corporation, 69% on China’s Mengniu Dair, 99% on the Korea Fund, 50% on iShares MSCI Turkey ETF, 65% on Cheung Kong Holdings, 81% on iShares Xinhua China 25 Index Fund, 70% on the Singapore Capital Mall Trust, 18% on the Arab Gateway Fund, 31% on Chinese bonds… 

797% and 1794% on Dollar’s First Big Crash. In 2002 we made staggering gains of 1794% and 797% - with minimal risk – by betting against the U.S. dollar. By anticipating the negative affects war and other economic disasters would have on the dollar…we decided to “rent” a number of hard currencies for far less than their real values. It basically allowed us to buy $21,312 of Euros at only $1250. The $1250 was all we had to risk – to give us the “right” to buy a large amount of Euros by a certain date in the future. Because the Euro appreciated greatly against the dollar we exercised our right and bought $21,312 worth of Euros. We turned $1250 into $21,312 in just a few months and made a staggering 1794%. We did the same again with Swiss francs and made a further 797%. Many more of these explosive profit opportunities will arise as countries start to default. You’ll learn all about them when you sign up to become a member of the Sovereign Society.

120% off The Private Equity Shake Out. In April 2007, we sent out a report warning investors that the debt markets were about to spin out of control because of the trillions borrowed by Private Equity firms to buy up over 19,000 companies worldwide. Even though we were just starting to reel from the meltdown in our sub-prime mortgage markets, we warned people that this crisis “may merely be the warm up for what’s to come…” Below is a list of the returns on the investments we recommended in that report entitled “Gluttons at the Gate.”

  • CurrencyShares Swiss Franc Trust (FXF – NYSE)                             4.74%
  • Gold Bullion                                                                                       68.21%
  • Lake Shore Gold: LSG.TO                                                                   120%
  • Barclays Global Investors iShares Silver Trust (ticker: SLV)               4.17%

765% as Derivatives Debacle Levels Wall Street. When the derivatives disaster began to strike Wall Street, the Sovereign Society was well prepared. Below is a list of the returns on all the investments we recommended in a report entitled These 25 Banks Harbor Nuclear Secrets that are Could Vaporize Your Wealth, which we originally sent out to over two million people as far back as 2004. This report set out to a T exactly how the derivatives-led credit crisis would unfold. It’s how we were well prepared when the bubble blew.

  • 765% Hang Seng H-Share Index
  • 678% on CME
  • 501% on ASA
  • 124% on Pioneer Momentum Emerald
  • 279% on Safety First Trust
  • 284% on Valero December 20 – puts
  • 188% on Mercury International Gold and General/Merrill Lynch Int Gold Fund
  • 185% on Gold Dec 400 Call

*Figures as of 02/18/2010

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The New Super-Growth Industry

The biggest winners – by far - will be the mega-infrastructure companies that will win the bids to upgrade and retrofit the planet for our new energy future.

You see new technologies are always another one of the most important key drivers required to spin economies out of recessions/depressions. In the 1930’s we had the radio revolution. In the inflationary ‘70s we had the computer revolution. And after the S&L debacle of the ‘80s we had the Internet revolution.  

Today, we’ll have the alternative energy revolution.

More private and public money will go into creating alternative energies, including the infrastructure to get them online, than will have ever been spent on any other initiative before.

Already a significant percentage of many country’s stimulus programs has been allocated for alternative energies and green technologies. China alone has dedicated 38% of its current stimulus dollars to it. South Korea has dedicated a staggering 81%, the EU: 59% and the US: 12%, just to name a few. 

But while alternative energy companies in everything from solar to wind…next generation bio-fuels to liquefied natural gas…clean coal to wave stand to win big from these initiatives, many will still go by the wayside, as the competition will be fierce.

What’s more alternative energy technologies are still in their infancy. And it’s difficult to gauge who the big winners will be at this early stage.

However, the construction and engineering companies that the alternative energy industry will rely on to build their factories, plants, generators, storage devices, transmission lines, pipelines, ports and ships are far fewer, and are therefore much easier to pick.

What’s more, governments the globe over will be giving out stimulus dollars hand over fist to these big players who will retrofit our planet for our new energy future…

Follow the money trail, and you can’t go wrong…

“The Next Big 3”

Let me introduce you to our #1 pick for the new era ahead.

It’s one of the world’s biggest builders. It’s been around for 98 years. And it is likely to be around for another century and beyond…

 This company built the world’s first major oil refineries. In the ‘40s it began moving into natural gas plants. In the ’50s it was one of the biggest nuclear power plant builders. In the ‘60s it diversified into offshore drilling and mining. It even built America’s famous energy artery – the Alaska pipeline.

Over 30 International Experts on Your Side…

You may be wondering how the Sovereign Society has managed to maintain such an impressive track record in the midst of all this market mayhem. They’ve merely paid homage to history…and taken advantage of major new economic mega-trends. However, their unrivalled financial team of more than 30 international experts has had something to do with it. This is your unique opportunity today to learn from them…They’ll guide you through the volatile times ahead…and help you pick up gains of 1,794%…797% … 150% …even as world markets continue to crash around us!

John A. Pugsley - Co-founder of the Sovereign Societyand Chairman. Accomplished Economic Forecaster and Best-Selling Investment Author.

Eric N. Roseman - Investment Director, Plus Editor of Commodity Trend Alert. Eric has made over a 100 recommendations that have returned double and triple digit gains for his readers.

Ashish Advani - Global Treasurer, Corporate Controller and Currency Strategist for Fortune 1000 companies.

Justin Ford - Executive Editor. With nearly two decades of experience in global financial publishing, Justin has helped develop and launch over a dozen investment advisories, lectured to sold-out conference halls and authored several well-regarded books on investment and personal finance.

Larry Grossman - Award-Winning Investment Guru. One of only 1500 American financial advisors who have been awarded Wharton School’s prestigious designation of Certified Investment Management Analyst.

Michael Checkan - One of the first foreign exchange traders ever to operate in America. His firm developed the world’s first government-guaranteed precious metals storage program.

Andrew Packer - Risk Advisor and co-creator of the Credit Crunch Short Indicator, which focuses on shorting publicly-traded companies on the verge of bankruptcy.

Robert Vrijhof - Top Swiss Banker and Currency Guru. Robert has held senior positions with some of Europe’s top banks. Swiss born, raised and trained, currencies have become second nature to him.  

Mark Nestmann - Privacy/International Tax Expert. With an MBA in international tax law from Austria’s prestigious Vienna University School of Economics and Business Administration.

Colin Bowen - Offshore Insurance Expert/Deputy Chairman of Isle of Man Assurance Ltd - one of the world’s oldest insurance companies.

Marc-Andre Sola - Top Swiss Money Manager. Marc-Andre can show you how to create sophisticated financial structures in an international environment designed to guarantee privacy, protect assets and provide diversification.

Erika Nolan - Executive Director for The Sovereign Society and co-author of Offshore Investments That Safeguard Your Cash.

Robert Bauman - Sovereign Society Legal Counsel and Former Member of the United States House of Representatives.

Sean Hyman - Sean has close to 15 years experience as a stockbroker, manager, and currency trader. He became interested in the financial markets at a young age and decided to work for Charles Schwab in Orlando, FL. He later went on to run a technical analysis “call in” line for their million dollar + clients and active traders. After that he went on to work at Forex Capital Markets (FXCM) as an FX Power Course Instructor.  Most recently, Sean has led readers to gains of as much as 326% just by betting that the Swiss Franc was going to fall against the Japanese yen! He expects many more exciting trades like these to present themselves in the very near future. He’ll show you how to capitalize on them.  

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Today you’ll find this company’s creations on all 6 continents…

It designs and builds many of the world’s most complex and challenging structures.

And in addition to all that, it has become one of the leading builders of the infrastructure for a broad variety of alternative energy sources, including solar, wind, biomass, geothermal, coal-to-gas, coal-to-liquids and liquid natural gas.

In short no company is better positioned to take on the ambitious goal of retrofitting our planet for our new energy future.

The company already gets much of its revenues from government spending. And with trillions of stimulus dollars earmarked across the world for alternative energy projects this trend will only accelerate, just as it did during the last depression, catapulting engineering giants like itself to the very top of the investment heap.

Fortune Magazine has repeatedly ranked this company #1 in its engineering and construction category on its annual survey of America’s Most Admired Companies.

Add its impeccable balance sheet with no debt, tons of cash, soaring revenues and profits, a dividend yield of 1%, a PE of 12, plus its extraordinary growth potential, and I’m sure you’ll agree that this outstanding company is grossly undervalued.

We’ll tell you all about it (and another 2 of our top infrastructure plays) in a FREE investment alert that we’ll rush you when you sign up for a risk-free trial membership to the Sovereign Society. It’s called The World’s Biggest Builders: How to Turn $3000 into $765,000 on 3 of the Biggest Beneficiaries of Obama’s New “New Deal.”

But infrastructure stocks are just one of the outstanding investments you’ll learn about through the Sovereign Society.

You’ll also learn about many other types of investments, including AAA-rated foreign bonds, gold stocks, precious metal investments, commodities, offshore funds, REITs, oil and energy stocks, dividend stocks, value funds and revolutionary new currency investments…

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Make 1,471% in 6 Months Betting Against These Currencies On the Edge

It’s no secret the dollar’s days as the world reserve currency are numbered.

And you need to start diversifying out of the dollar immediately in order to protect your wealth.

A number of Middle Eastern nations are already planning – along with China, Russia, Japan and France – to end dollar dealings for oil. They will instead move to a basket of currencies including the Japanese yen and Chinese yuan, the euro, gold and a new, unified currency planned for nations in the Gulf Co-operation Council, including Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi, Kuwait and Qatar.

This means nations will no longer have to hold dollars to buy their oil. While this plan won’t happen immediately, the committee has adopted a deadline to end dollar domaination by 2018.

This event will truly crack the foundations of the dollar’s once almighty power.

Plus due to America’s own soaring deficits, a Debt-to-GNP level already approaching 100%, unfunded Social Security and Medicare programs, there’s really only one way for the dollar to go long-term – and that’s down. It might enjoy brief booms, but that’ll be it. So you really need to start diversifying now.

And it’s not just the dollar that’s headed for a fall. The yen, the pound and other hard currencies are also under enormous pressure…

Even worse off are the currencies of the struggling emerging markets that are on the verge of default. Once these countries start to default, one magnificent trend will follow…

That trend will be an inflationary one, resulting in the debasement of these currencies.  

In fact, we’ve never properly understood why a country experiences high inflation on the run up toward a default. But we do now. It’s largely because the government is busily covertly printing off lots of extra cash to try and pay off the debt they owe to their own citizens.  This eventually pumps a lot of excess liquidity into the economy, which pushes up prices, and devalues the currency - sometimes leading to its eventual collapse.

It’s why a bet against the Argentinean peso in 2001, the Mexican peso in 1994, just before their defaults made shrewd currency traders profits of as much as 1,471% in as little as 6 months.

But we never truly understood this before.

Now we can capitalize on it for the time in history.

And scores of these opportunities are opening up right now. 

Kleptomaniac governments the globe over are covertly printing off currency to pay off the debt they owe to their own citizens. Mexico’s doing it. Iceland’s doing it. Argentina’s doing it. Hungary’s doing it. And dozens more. Each one can provide you with a timely opportunity to cash in big quadruple-digit gains in just months.

There’s never been a better time to play the currency markets!

Trading Like the Financial Gods
in the World’s Hottest New Asset Class

In the past, admittedly it was difficult for the average American to invest and profit off foreign currencies. But fortunately a number of great trading revolutions have occurred in the global currency markets in just the past few years.

In just the last 12 months alone we've seen the launch of dozens of new currency ETFs, new currency funds, new interest-bearing FDIC-insured multi-currency CDs and other exotic types of foreign currency investments that were simply not available to the average American investor before.

All these new products belong to the $4 trillion a day foreign exchange market, simply known as the FOREX market. But this is not the FOREX market you hear about on CNN. Nor is it the high-risk, high-rolling FOREX futures casino where Wall Street’s top guns use massive leverage to shoot for big-time profits.

On the contrary this is a completely new market that is currently transforming the global currency game.

For the first time, it is allowing mainstream investors to take advantage of easy-to-spot currency moves that could make you as much as 1355%… 1471% 340%… 800% in as little as one week to five years.

We call these trades “squeeze plays.”

Squeeze plays come at moments in history when sentiment shifts…when the crowd realizes it got it wrong – and investors all pile out of a stock, a sector, a market, a currency all at once – selling in a frenzy…like when investors dumped tulips in 1637… railroad shares in 1873... stocks in 1929… bonds in 1981…Mexican pesos in 1994… tech stocks in 2000…Turkish lira in 2003…real estate trusts in 2006… banking stocks in 2008… 

These dates marked the end of some of history’s most “irrational” manias

Every year hundreds of buying frenzies are quickly followed by selling frenzies – steep climbs followed by vertical descents.

For those who pinpoint the timing of these frenzies, and identify the set-ups that are leading to these volatile moments before they happen, by betting against them you can realize a decade’s gains in just months.

Quadruple-Digit Gains in 6 Months Flat as a Wave of Currencies Crash

In the past 15 years, savvy investors who watched countries like Mexico, Argentina and Turkey start to crumble made profits of as much as 838%, 1471% and 1355% in as little as 6 months - just by betting against these country’s currencies.

Now dozens of these opportunities are opening up…more than at any time since 1932. The difference today though is, anyone with just a few thousand dollars can profit from these trends.

It is allowing you to trade alongside the Soros’s and Buffett’s of the world – and to tap into the very same opportunities that have made them the world’s richest men.

It’s a whole new trading game.

You’ll learn all about it as a Member of the Sovereign Society.

In fact sign up for 2 years and we’ll send you 2 FREE currency trading alerts to help you capitalize on the best of these opportunities right now.

They’re called:

  1. Explosive Currencies: The Easiest and Greatest Way to Bank Profits off the Coming Wave of Sovereign Defaults. In this investment alert we’ll tell you how to invest in what we believe will be 3 of the greatest squeeze plays to hit currency markets in generations. You’ll learn about little-known ways to bet against currencies that look set to crash at any moment. Plus we’ll tell you how to invest in the currencies that will soar as dozens fall.
  2. Currencies to Secure Your Retirement: Simple, Safe and FDIC Insured Deposits You Can Add To Your IRA. In this special currency report we’ll tell you about a Kiplinger’s and Forbes award-winning bank that has created a whole host of interest-bearing foreign currency CDs. Its portfolio of foreign currency and non-U.S. dollar-denominated products is one of the best that you’ll find on homeland soil. But what makes these currency investments so attractive is that thanks to legislation that was just passed recently these unique CDs are now FDIC insured up to $250,000. Plus we’ll show you ways you can add them directly to your IRA. It will give you a chance to protect your assets from the decline of the dollar, and help you rake in safe solid gains from the long-term appreciation of super-currencies like the Chinese yuan and the Brazilian real.  

For over a decade now, Sovereign Society has been suggesting alternative investments in things like gold and foreign currencies in order to gain protection from the demise of the dollar. And by doing this we’ve helped our members preserve the purchasing power of their money, when millions of Americans have watched their dollars and their investments take repeated hits.

In the global arena, America legacies are now worth pennies on their ‘90’s dollars.

But not Sovereign Individuals.

And here’s your chance to become one.

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Join the World’s Most Powerful Private
Investment Research Alliance

As a member of The Sovereign Society you’ll get access to information from our unrivaled team of over 30 financial and professional researchers, many of who are masters in asset preservation. Each month, the Society’s global network of contacts scour the globe for the finest opportunities the world can offer you…opportunities that can make your life richer, safer and better.

You’re probably thinking that access to these experts’ research is going to cost you a small fortune. But don’t worry. It’s not.

Through the Society’s special monthly research advisory letter (The Sovereign Individual)and the Society’s daily e-letter (The Offshore A-Letter) you’ll learn from this unrivaled team of financial and professional researchers. In The Sovereign Individual and The A-Letter you’ll find out the latest updates from banking and financial insiders about what’s unfolding in the world’s global stock, bond and currency markets. Plus you’ll learn how best to prepare for the coming wave of Sovereign Defaults, including specific investment recommendations on how to not only survive through this last and longest leg of the global financial crisis, but profit through it.

Plus you’ll learn about global gold stocks, offshore funds, emerging market investments, foreign currency plays and precious metal investments.

You’ll also find out about private banking strategies, computer privacy techniques, offshore tax management, second passports, global business opportunities, offshore e-commerce strategies, asset protection techniques and many other things that can help protect you…your capital…your business…and your investments in the volatile times ahead.

The Best $49 Investment You’ll Ever Make!

For just $49 – you’ll get access to all of these extraordinary benefits, including:

  • Top international stock, bond and commodity recommendations from an unrivalled team of more than 30 financial and professional experts.
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  • Introductions to safe, easy and revolutionary new ways to trade in the $4 trillion a day FOREX markets, including currency ETFs and many more innovative new kinds of currency funds. These are the types of currency investments you’ll be hard-pressed to find out about from any other investment service in the world today.  
  • New ways to turn global crises and controversy into windfall profits! Now that dozens of currency ETFs have debuted, and with many more on the way, you no longer need to be crushed from global crisis – you can cash in on it. We’ll be monitoring global situations closely. The world is about to be riddled with crisis-plagued currencies. And thanks to the new flood of currency ETFs hitting the markets, profiting off them has never been easier! We’ll be monitoring the globe for blow-ups and will send you instant alerts on how to capitalize on the opportunities.
  • The Sovereign Individual. Your monthly exclusive research advisory letter – packed with alternative investment opportunities and strategies that you won’t find on the pages of Wall Street Journal or Barron’s…plus asset protection techniques, privacy strategies, offshore retirement havens, e-commerce opportunities, tax strategies and much more!
  • The Sovereign Society Offshore A-Letter. The world’s most popular offshore e-letter with more than 220,000 readers worldwide, it will keep you in touch with global events that can affect your wealth and safety.

Plus your 2 FREE online reports:

  • The Sovereign Black List: How to Survive Through the Third and Final Act of the Global Financial Crisis. In it you’ll learn about the list of countries that we believe are on the verge of default, and which you should avoid investing in. Plus you’ll learn about offshore bank accounts, revolutionary new currency trading techniques, gold stocks and top investments from the world’s strongest new cash-rich emerging mega-markets.
  • The World’s Biggest Builders: How to Turn $3000 into $765,000 on 3 of the Biggest Beneficiaries of Obama’s New “New Deal.” During the last Great Depression, 3 companies profited greatly from government-sponsored programs, which were designed to rebuild the world and get the economy back online. $1,000 invested into each of them in 1932 would’ve been worth $765,000 by 1952. The same trend is underway today. And in this report we’ll tell you who “The Next Big 3” will be…

I’m sure you’ll agree this is an unbelievable bargain.

Or sign up for 2 years for just $98, and you’ll also get our two latest online currency trading alerts, including:

  • Explosive Currencies: The Easiest and Greatest Way to Bank Profits off the Coming Wave of Sovereign Defaults. In it, you’ll learn how to bank quadruple-digit profits off what we believe will be 5 of the greatest squeeze plays to hit currency markets in generations.
  • Currencies to Secure Your Retirement: Simple, Safe and FDIC Insured Deposits You Can Add To Your IRA. Plus you’ll learn what our top currency CDs for the long run are.

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Don’t Risk a Penny – Until You Are Convinced!

I’m hoping our track record alone - has more than convinced you to join us.

But just in case you have any doubts, I want to give you a unique opportunity to take a risk-free look at us. In other words – you won’t have to risk a penny until you are convinced that a Sovereign Society Membership is right for you. If at any time you decide The Sovereign Society is not for you – just cancel your subscription – and we will give you a pro-rated refund on your fees (with full money back within the first 30 days). No questions asked. But you can still keep your free reports – whatever you decide. That’s our guarantee to you.

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But don’t delay…

We Are as Close to a 1930’s Style Depression as We Have Ever Been

It may not be as bad. And it may not last as long. As I said, we do know more now. But it is foolish for us to think that “This Time Will be Different.”

210 years of financial folly says otherwise.

And while the IMF might have some success bailing out the first few countries that default, it will soon become a systemic problem, as one default begets another, with serious spillover effects.

The IMF already has plans to quadruple its resources, but it won’t be enough. The Bail-Out Pot needed this time is just too big. The giant Ponzi scheme of “Debt as Money” will finally come crashing to the ground.

But there’s no reason you have to stand by and wait for the shock waves to hit…

Join the Sovereign Society today. And we will help you get through this inevitable third and final act of the global financial crisis.

In fact, by making bold financial moves today…by switching to alternative investments like currencies, foreign bonds, gold, and depression-proof stocks that are hardwired to benefit from the tough times ahead – you can end the era ten, twenty – even a hundred times richer.

Make those moves today.

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John Pugsley,
Chairman, The Sovereign Society
April 2010

PS Over 40 emerging markets today are implementing stimulus packages that mirror efforts being made in the advanced nations in order to jumpstart their own economies. They are rapidly accumulating massive external AND internal debts. But most economists can only see half the problem. They don’t realize that lurking beneath the official figures is a debt bomb twice the size. And one that is about to push these economies (and their currencies) over the edge…delivering one last final blow to the global economic system. But as we’ve set out in this report, it doesn’t mean you have to join the bread lines. Be on the right side of these events, and you can be hardwired into stocks and industries that went up as much as 55,000% the last time this scenario played out.

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