Meet the Editors

The Sovereign Society’s highly qualified Council of Experts consists of carefully chosen professionals located in select tax and asset havens around the world. Our experts have spent their careers discovering the best global investments, the safest tax havens and the most secure devices in which to protect your assets.

Listed below are just a handful of the experts we’ve identified in the world of offshore investing. But accessing detailed information about our experts, including how to contact them, is a members-only benefit.

Our global network of banks, investment specialists, financial consultants, and legal professionals has proven itself over the last 13 years to thousands of Sovereign Society members. These experts are the best in the business.

Erika Nolan – Publisher, The Sovereign Society

Erika Nolan

Erika Nolan began her career in the health care industry as a public relations and marketing executive for a US$3 billion, publicly traded company. She acted as the company spokesperson, directed all marketing strategies and oversaw the integration of new company acquisitions. Ms. Nolan directed a change leadership initiative for Integrated Health Services to improve the company’s overall operations and increase U.S. market share.

In 1998, she was recruited to be the Senior Publisher for The Sovereign Society, an offshore, asset protection and international finance organization. She has brought with her an extensive knowledge of marketing and operational expertise, which has contributed to our high record of success. Ms. Nolan travels extensively throughout Europe, the Caribbean and Central America.

Jeff D. Opdyke – Investment Director and Editor of Jeff Opdyke’s Sovereign Investor, and Profit Seeker

Jeff Opdyke

Jeff Opdyke is the Executive Editor at The Sovereign Society. Jeff has been investing directly in the international markets since 1995, making him one of the true pioneers of foreign trading. His passion is finding the renegade plays “on the ground” in overseas markets, and uncovering those explosive trends long before they become mainstream. Today, he operates with brokerage accounts in New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, South Africa, Egypt and elsewhere.

Jeff is the editor of  Jeff Opdyke’s Sovereign Investor newsletter. For his 30,000 subscribers, he finds proven investments … from global stocks to emerging-market investments and foreign-currency plays that most people will never hear about. Just recently, Jeff sold two positions for gains of 71% and 86% respectively, and he has eight open positions that have gains north of 100%. In addition to profitable investment picks, Jeff also provides his subscribers with the latest updates on offshore-banking havens, international tax strategies and asset-protection secrets from experts around the globe.

He is also the editor of the Profit Seeker, a weekly advisory that shows his subscribers how investing “in country” can result in far greater returns than you could ever find in stagnant American markets. Jeff constantly travels the world looking for new profit opportunities wherever they may arise, from Singapore to Australia to South America. Jeff’s on-the-ground research guarantees his subscribers are getting the best information from in-country sources at all times. Currently, Jeff has open positions that are up 50%, 63% and 67% … just to name a few. Last year, he closed positions for gains of 89%, 91% and an astonishing 163%. It is these fast-moving, explosive plays that Jeff finds for his Profit Seeker subscribers.

Prior to The Sovereign Society, Jeff spent 17 years with The Wall Street Journal, writing about investing and personal finance, including the Journal’s nationally syndicated “Love & Money” column. His work has been published in upward of 80 newspapers nationwide, and he is also the author of six books.

Robert E. Bauman, JD – Legal Counsel, Editor of Offshore Confidential and Chairman of Freedom Alliance

Bob BaumanRobert E. “Bob” Bauman, legal counsel to The Sovereign Society, serves on its board of directors and was the founding editor of The Sovereign Society Offshore A-Letter, more than a decade ago.

Sovereign Society members and many others know Bob as the prolific author of many articles, reports and books. His writings have appeared in The Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, National Review, Human Events and many other publications.

He is the author of The Gentleman from Maryland (Hearst Book Publishing, 1985), and many Sovereign Society publications including The Complete Guide to Offshore Residency, Dual Citizenship & Second Passports (9th ed. 2011), Where to Stash Your Cash: Offshore Financial Centers of the World (6th ed. 2011), Swiss Money Secrets (2008), Panama Money Secrets (2005), Forbidden Knowledge (7th ed. 2011), and The Offshore Money Manual (Society, 2000).

Bob is also the Chairman of The Freedom Alliance, your one-stop reference point for up-to-date, critical information about protecting your wealth and freeing yourself from unnecessary taxes and government oversight.

Chris Orr – Editor of Weather Trader

Chis joined The Sovereign Society in 2013 as editor of Weather Trader, a weekly issue providing a detailed look at weather events and trends which create opportunities for us in different industries. He also sends out periodic trade alerts and seasonal outlooks to his subscribers.

His 30-plus year career in meteorology has allowed him to work with a broad array of businesses and government agencies worldwide, from aviation and construction to power utilities. He began forecasting extreme weather events for commodity traders more than 20 years ago and has been called on by hedge funds for advice on how weather affects businesses, marrying his two passions.

Chris has worked as a supervisor for one of the largest commercial weather services and has owned three small consulting firms. He has been asked to provide written testimony to Congress on weather policy, served in local government and has lectured at universities on extreme weather. The American Meteorological Society designated Chris a Certified Consulting Meteorologist in 1997.

Ted Bauman – Editor of Plan B Club

Ted Baumann was born in Washington D.C. and raised on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, then emigrated to South Africa as a young man. He graduated from the University of Cape Town with postgraduate degrees in Economics and History. During his 25-year career in South Africa, Ted served a variety of executive roles in the South African non-profit sector, primarily as a fund manager for low-cost housing projects. During the 2000s, he worked as a consultant, researching and writing extensively on financial, housing, and urban planning issues for clients as diverse as the United Nations, the South African government, and European grant-making agencies. He also travelled extensively, largely in Africa, Asia, and Europe.

In 2008, Ted returned to the U.S., where he served as Director of International Housing Programs for Habitat for Humanity International, based in Atlanta, GA. During that time he extended his travels to Latin American and the Caribbean. He continued to research and write on a variety of topics related to international development. In 2013, Ted left Habitat to work full-time as a researcher and writer. He joined The Sovereign Society in September as Editor of the Plan B Club, specializing in asset protection and international migration issues.


Chad Shoop – Editor of Pure Income

Chad is an up-and-comer in the financial industry. After joining our team here at The Sovereign Society as an investment analyst in 2012, he quickly jumped up the ladder. Now he is the editor of our premium Pure Income newsletter, where he taps into the best off-the-radar opportunities to generate safe, steady monthly income. His research and insight allow subscribers to earn a guaranteed annual yield of at least 11%.

He holds two bachelor’s degrees from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, one in finance and one in economics. Before joining The Sovereign Society, he worked as an investment analyst at an investment advisory firm based in North Carolina. There he was able to develop equity research reports identifying whether the stock was a buy, sell or hold. He was also tasked with identifying trading opportunities and developing strategies to boost overall portfolio returns for equity positions.

He continues to provide his research and analysis for our other premium publications and is a contributor to The Sovereign Investor Daily.