Chad Shoop

Chad Shoop – Editor of Pure Income

Chad is our in-house income and investment research expert. After joining our team here at The Sovereign Society as an investment analyst in 2012, he quickly jumped up the ladder. Now he is the editor of our premium Pure Income newsletter, where he taps into the best off-the-radar opportunities to generate safe, steady monthly income. With his recommendations, subscribers collect double-digit yields nearly every month for an average 15% gain per trade. Overall, it’s led to Pure Income’s 93% win-rate.

Recently, Chad also began overseeing the income portion of Total Wealth Insider newsletter. Since traditional sources of income may be up to a decade away from yielding any meaningful amounts, Jeff Opdyke brought Chad in so he could provide readers with unique income opportunities. Chad continues to provide his research and analysis for our other premium publications as well, and is a weekly contributor to Sovereign Investor Daily.

He holds two bachelor’s degrees from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, one in finance and one in economics. Before joining The Sovereign Society, he worked as an investment analyst at an investment advisory firm based in North Carolina. There, he developed equity research reports that identified whether a stock was a buy, sell or hold, pinpointed trading opportunities and created strategies to boost overall portfolio returns.