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Bob Bauman's Offshore Confidential

In Offshore Confidential, Bob Bauman find the opportunities to grow and protect your assets that most Americans are not even aware exist. With the current state of the US economy, Bob believes that the greatest potential for prosperity will not be found on Wall Street.

Offshore Confidential is a monthly white paper series that’s brimming with up-to-the-minute asset protection strategies,tips on buying and investing in real estate abroad, and retirement and residency secrets in American-friendly countries around the globe. These are not the offshore havens that everyone already knows about; these are new, off-the-radar recommendations that are years ahead of the curve. With your subscription to Offshore Confidential, you will receive the following:

  • The Offshore Confidential monthly briefing – Every month you’ll receive a new report, mailed and emailed directly to you with our up-to-the-minute updates on offshore real estate… asset protection strategies… and secrets of little-known tax havens.
  • Private “Offshore Millionaire” Conference Call Series – You’ll get access to all future calls and our “Offshore Millionaire” audio library, including three recent face-to-face interviews that I believe could change your life.
  • You’ll get your own password – To log-on to our private website anytime – day or night… from anywhere in the world. Here you’ll find our comprehensive and constantly expanding library of special reports on specific, time-sensitive opportunities and issues that could affect your wealth…
  • Access to Q&A emails – directly with Bob Bauman. You’ll get his personal answers to issues that concern you most. Please note that Bob cannot provide personalized investment, tax or legal advice.
  • Instant offshore updates – The minute breaking legislation is approved, or a new development occurs, you’ll get an alert so you can take advantage of opportunities that can minimize your taxes or protect your assets.

In addition, you’ll also receive the following reports:

  • Special Report #1: The Swiss Secret to Stress-Free Global Investments
  • Special Report #2: How to Save Your Wealth… and Escape the Collapse of the U.S.
  • Special Report #3The One Haven that U.S. Lawyers Couldn’t Blackmail, Bully or Break
  • Special Report #4: Secrets of South America’s Newest Tax Haven

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