U.S. Congressman Endorses Controversial “Escape Plan” for Middle Class Americans

Millions Now (Legally) Eligible to Avoid High Income Taxes, Expanding Government Regulations… and Retire 5-10 Years Ahead of Schedule without triggering an IRS Audit… or Giving Up Citizenship

From the Desk of Bob Bauman, JD

Bob Bauman signature

Former Congressman and
Legal Counsel to The Sovereign Society

Dear Reader,

4,000 years ago, Egyptian pharaohs used slave labor to build giant pyramids.

pyramidToday these ancient, triangular buildings are featured on the US $1 bill. Coincidence? Perhaps not…

The vast majority of Americans are also enslaved. The only difference is, we’re not building a shrine to our elected leaders. We are being forced to help dig our OWN financial grave.

Despite the fact that…

  • Federal Income taxes have soared from 1% to a high of 38%…
  • Property taxes and sales taxes have ratcheted-up…
  • And sneaky, back-door fees have been sprung on small business owners… and investors…

The government’s appetite for wealth destruction has only grown stronger!

Each day, they seek out new and unusual ways to gorge on our freedoms, liberties… and life savings.

That’s why I recently endorsed a controversial plan. One that can help any American citizen – regardless of income, age or location – safely (and legally) “opt out” of this rotting, rigged system.

To be sure, this “Escape from America” plan has many high-powered enemies in Washington DC.

They’ve invested countless hours and billions of dollars to obscure the truth… and “trick” you into believing this plan is illegal. But it’s not.

Far from it!

In the next few pages, I’ll explain everything.

But first – with your permission – I’d like to share an important part of my life’s work. Something I’ve spent the better part of the past decade researching, vetting and refining.

To be clear, this has NOTHING to do with “subscribing” to an investment newsletter service. Nor am I asking you to buy a report. But if you’re struggling to wrap your head around this challenging economy… you’ve been overwhelmed by the idea of going “offshore” and you’re concerned about the future – this brief memo will be of great importance to you.

In the next few minutes, you’ll be fully eligible to claim:

  • FREE Advance Copies of my most popular, privately printed guides from Forbidden Knowledge to Where to Stash Your Cash LegallyAND Free updates for life, so your personal Offshore Library will NEVER go out of date.
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  • FREE Lifetime membership to The Sovereign Society, including our flagship monthly newsletter, The Sovereign Individual. So you NEVER get blindsided by unknown threats to your wealth… or overlook a golden opportunity that gets “buried” in the mainstream press.
  • And much more…

Our goal is simple: To help you...

Easily (and Safely) Escape High Income Taxes, Expanding Government Regulations…and
Retire 5-10 Years Early


It is true what they say: “Knowledge is power.”

But there’s a catch.

Most of what you’d call “knowledge” is either out of date or out of reach!

You wouldn’t use an 89-year-old map to navigate a bustling new city.

That would be crazy!

And odds are, you don’t have time to drop EVERYTHING… explore all the nooks, and crannies of the Offshore world… and still do your job… raise a family… and manage your investments.

(Without kissing your sanity “goodbye.”)

And that’s precisely why we set about creating a “nerve center” for Sovereign Individuals. A place where you can pluck from the most effective and timeless wealth building strategies PLUS the most relevant, up-to-date knowledge available – all the while supported by an action team of highly-trained wealth advisors, lawyers, accountants, New York Times best-selling authors and bankers – from around the globe.

It’s the best way I know to put an end to money worries, provide abundance for your family and detach your fate from that of the U.S. government.

Until today, such a “place” never existed…

We’ve been laboring for the past 13 years to make it a reality.

And just this past winter – we came to the conclusion that it had to be deployed ASAP.

We’ve reached a critical tipping point.

Millions of Americans are leaving (or planning to leave) the country. According to Zogby Research, a massive and silent migration is underway. Families are packing their bags…and deciding to go offshore at the rate of 54-per minute! (Some seeking a full-time residence… others a part-time tropical vacation home where they can live like royalty for $20,000 a year.)

The government, of course, won’t tell you about this. Heck, the Feds don’t even keep figures on Americans living abroad. And for good reason. If they DID and those figures leaked out – they could cause a panic.

That’s why it’s critical that you act, while you still have the option. (Before the Obama Administration slams the door.) And why I took it upon myself to launch the Freedom Alliance – a small group dedicated to helping you escape this inevitable reality.

As an aspiring Freedom Alliance Member, you can get complimentary access to a powerful offshore toolbox – what I call the Escape from America Kit. This “Plan B” will help you achieve a much higher level of awareness and freedom – in the comfort of your home. Even if you never decide to set foot offshore.

Here’s what you’ll find inside:

Escape From America Kit: Part 1 of 7:

Your own, Private Library of “Forbidden Knowledge”
that NEVER goes out of date

If you were to buy all my books as they came out, you’d spend upwards of $396 a year to stay current.

And it would be worth every penny.

But when you choose to become a Freedom Alliance member, you will NEVER have to pay for my research again. Each time I release a new book – or update an existing one, we’ll let you know. Then you can get a copy, free of charge.

Whether you want to read the seventh edition of The Passport Book… Where to Stash Your Cash Legally… Lawyer-Proof Your Life... Panama Money Secrets – or any other book I’ve penned – you’ll find your personal library is always available and never out of date.

These step-by-step guides will help you cut through the clutter… and give you the confidence to pursue a liberated lifestyle.

All you have to do is fire up your laptop… Settle into a cozy chair and you’ll discover hundreds of life-changing secrets, like…

  • How to obtain an EU Passport so you can live and work permanently in any of 27 European countries without immigration troubles…
  • Websites and contact information of over 80 foreign embassies and consulates that will take the hassle out of going “offshore”…
  • How to experience all the luxury of Western Europe at half the cost… artsy cafes, ornate villages and pastoral towns – for pennies on the dollar – that combine the charms of yore with today’s sophistication…
  • 100 common legal concerns and how you can handle them yourself without paying high fees to hire a lawyer…
  • The best ways to deal with the government in disputes over Social Security, disability payments and workman’s compensation…
  • Where you can earn your first $91,400 this year, tax-free (up to $182,800 if you’re married) and boost your disposable income by as much as $52,000 a year…
  • How to set up a family foundation in a tropical paradise and use it for investments, tax-sheltering and commercial business projects – while leaving a lasting legacy to those you love – not the government…
  • Invest in “off-limits” markets forbidden to 99% of U.S. investors and add an ironclad layer of protection to your wealth.

And because your library will be secured online – there is no need to worry about anyone snooping through your collection – or leaving it behind. Access it from anywhere on the planet.  (FYI… If you’d prefer a hard-copy, you can request one at any time.)

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Annual Total Wealth Symposium

When you’re ready to make your “Escape from America” plan a reality – it’s time to attend the Total Wealth Symposium.

“Funny how the best
advice comes from people who AREN’T part of the Washington/Wall
Street Machine.”

Each year, this event has completely sold out – with standing room only. And I’m convinced, next year; we’ll stop taking reservations months in advance.

But as a Freedom Alliance Member, we will reserve you a seat and waive the $695 gate fee. Not just next year - but every time we hold the event.

This is your chance to rub elbows and toss back a couple drinks with men and women who are “in the trenches” putting what you’ve learned into action. There is no better way to accelerate your offshore goals and walk away with a rock-solid asset protection plan that can be put to work immediately. (And have a great time while you’re at it!)

Here’s what a few of our members had to say…

“I feel great! I am now able to put my full energies towards my business and enjoy life. I have actually noticed that I am now more relaxed and confident in my everyday living.”
Joe Parks, 2006 attendee, Offshore Advantage Academy

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    –Pamela Thorten, paid-up member since 2002

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Isaac Weston, paid-up member since 2007

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“Your program gives me confidence in getting money offshore and investing it outside the United States.”
–Derek Jackson, paid-up member since 2009

“The information has all been profitable. Each day has been a pleasure and an adventure.”
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“The beauty of all this is, you get to meet people just like you… share information and compare notes.”
Christopher Levin, 2006 Attendee, Offshore Advantage Academy

“The best thing for me was… it wasn’t intimidating.”
           –Dan Eckhart, 2008 attendee, Emergency Money Summit

Hundreds of our readers pay upwards of $895 for this experience. In fact, I’ve been told it’s like soaking up a semester’s-worth of knowledge… in just a few days. But as a Freedom Alliance Member, it’s yours, absolutely free.

Escape From America Kit: Part 3 of 7:

On-Demand Audio Recordings from EVERY Future Sovereign Society Event We Hold

“What’s working RIGHT NOW?”

To answer that question, our most serious subscribers travel to Panama, Bermuda, Mexico, etc. to attend our conferences. Each year, they spend $2,000 to $5,000 on airfare and travel costs – plus admission – for good reason. The information revealed at these events can’t be found anywhere else.

But what if you can’t get the time off – or spend $5,000 to make the trip?

That’s why we offer Freedom Alliance Members complimentary audio, video and transcripts from EVERY event we hold.

This is must-hear information for anyone who values superior investment and asset protection ideas – or seeking to live the "American Dream" that's become so out of reach for most U.S. citizens.

Here’s just a taste of what you’ll discover:

  • How to hit the ground running with the basics of opening an offshore bank account. In no time, you'll understand the exact do's and don'ts to get you offshore quickly and safely...
  • How to achieve a higher quality of life and a lower cost of living. One that includes five-day-a-week maid service for $125 a month… romantic dinners for two from $20… and stable beachfront real estate for dimes on the dollar.
  • Keep your hard-earned wealth in your family! Make sure your heirs completely avoid the hassles of probate AND inheritance taxes by setting up one of these trusts.
  • Four legal ways to save on taxes offshore… including how to earn a tax-free $91,400 each year – with the IRS’s blessing!
  • How to permanently disconnect (expatriate) from the U.S. Tax System, legally… find another country that offers greater personal freedom… and obtain another passport.

Like paid-up member, Jessica Hastings, you may find yourself saying,

“I want to listen to it over and over again.”

It’s true… listening in on these seminars is like getting $2,795-worth of hard-fought insight each and every year… without even packing a toothbrush. There is nothing like “being there” personally but this is the second best way to accelerate your Offshore game-plan, from the comfort of your own living room or iPhone.

These Online CDs sell for upwards of $500 a year. But as a Freedom Alliance member, they’re yours, FREE.

 Escape From America Kit: Part 4 of 7:

Get the World’s Top Legal Minds to Work for You –
Pro Bono!

As you know, it’s impossible to walk into a lawyer’s office without paying hundreds of dollars – minimum. (I personally charge $500 an hour for legal advice.)

But imagine if you had not just me – but a whole team of elite lawyers looking over your shoulder… Scanning the horizon for threats to your wealth… Fast-tracking the paperwork and red tape that stifle so many small-businesses… AND fighting for your rights and liberties – right alongside you each month.

That’s the spirit behind our most important new service called Legislative Defense Alerts. All year long, we monitor what government officials are up to – and zero in on the most pressing concerns. When one arises, we’ll report back to you in an easy-to-understand “cliff notes” format each time…

  • The U.S. Supreme Court makes a ruling that could impact your wealth…
  • Menacing legislation is taken up in committee – and edges its way toward a critical vote…
  • Freedom-hating organizations, like the OECD, threaten offshore assets…
  • And when one of the trusted havens we monitor adopts or modifies rules on second-citizenship, wealth management or travel visa requirements.

When you consider that just one of these alerts could potentially save you $10,000… $50,000 or more – it’s hard to imagine that we’d give them away to Freedom Alliance Members – for life.

But this is an investment we’re prepared to make to ensure that our closest friends and associates are spared the indignity of an IRS audit… a malicious lawsuit or a Federal “bait-and-switch” ruling that leaves you high and dry.

You’ll also get…

Escape From America Kit: Part 5 of 7:

A Complimentary Lifetime Subscription to
The Sovereign Individual

In the pages of our monthly flagship newsletter you’ll find in-depth insights and analysis covering a wide array of investment opportunities, asset protection and tax planning.

Our 26,800+ members tell me this is much closer to a full day seminar in print. Each month it arrives via first class mail, delivering what many refer to as that critical, elusive “AHA-moment.” The one they’ve been searching for, where the light bulb in their head finally “clicks on.”

Inside, you'll discover:

  • Why the U.S. Government is hell-bent on preventing you from protecting your savings and personal security... And how you can (legally) defy their efforts.

  • How to buy "scratch and dent" silver... at a 25.3% discount

  • THREE little words that can make the U.S. government "pay" for 15%... 25%... even 30% of every gold investment you make.

  • How to Double Your Money... In 4 Years or Less... With Foreign Currency CDs

  • And Much More

    I promise, you will NOT find these on Wall Street or your local brokerage. You can’t. These rare little blockbusters come straight from the horse’s mouth… inside contacts… heads of banks and “power players” who have more connections than Richard Branson or Bill Gates.

And it’s yours FREE – for life – with your Freedom Alliance Membership.

Yes! There’s more…

Escape From America Kit: Part 6 of 7:

A Direct Audio Link to our Exclusive
“Offshore Millionaire” Conference
(Plus FREE PDF Transcripts)

Sometimes a great idea can’t fit into two or three pages of The Sovereign Individual.

“I can’t believe this material is being released to
the general public, it is far
too powerful…”

And that’s why we’ve decided to expand our analysis to include live conference calls. As a Freedom Alliance member, you’ll get a direct vote on what we cover next… and a chance to pepper our guests with questions.

Then… you can listen-in “live” or simply wait a day or two and receive the full transcript to read at your leisure. Just don’t be surprised by the frank, “off the cuff” nature of these calls. We are all friends here and should some adult language slip out – or perhaps a politically incorrect reference – you should not be shocked.

Current topics of discussion include…

  • A private sit-down interview with Congressman Ron Paul.
  • How to get penalty-free distributions from your IRA long before you retire…

  • Taking advantage of offshore havens with low corporate tax rates (as low as 16%) and low personal tax rates (as low as 18%)…
  • Where you can tap into the exotic world of hedge funds – even if you don’t have six-figures to invest.
  • What never to do when opening an offshore bank account.

You’ll also get…

Escape From America Kit: Part 7 of 7:

Monthly "Bauman Confidential Briefings

This monthly briefing will keep you ahead of the curve.

These are not normal times… And to help you adjust to the changing landscape and emerge stronger when the “dust settles,” you'll get detailed reports each month, including:

  • How to access foreign investment that offer safe income and principal protection against the falling dollar.

  • A simple way to bullet-proof your investments against the IRS, hackers, and snoops... and strick banking secrets so no one knows about any of your banking transactions.

  • How to get an EU passport quickly so you can comfortably live and work permanently in several off-the-radar countries...

This members-only monthly series currently sells for $495 per year. However, it cannot be measured by a price tag.

Because this alone has the capability to help you make – or save tens of thousands of dollars in a matter of weeks. And as a Freedom Alliance Member, you can get it every month - free of charge. 

Everything I’ve mentioned above is posted on a private website… where you’ll also find a message board. Feel free to add your two cents – or enjoy the back-and-forth with your fellow Freedom Alliance members and special guests. (You never know who may drop in!)

Sound good?

Alright… Now the moment of truth:

“You Have a Very Important Decision to Make…”

The way I see it you have two options:

Door #1: If you do nothing: Your fate will be tied to that of the United States… insolvent banking systems… a disintegrating dollar and “eat the rich” policies that will undoubtedly cripple your retirement – and erode years of hard work.

Door #2: Or… like thousands of other Sovereign Individuals reading this letter… You can REFUSE to be paralyzed by pessimistic headlines. Instead, you can take action and achieve a level of wealth, security and privacy that gives you the ability to spend your time as you see fit – without undue interference from any individual, government, business or interest-group.

Frankly, I cannot make this choice for you. But I seriously doubt you’d have read this far if you weren’t ready to take the next step. After all, you and I are cast from a different mold. We take direct responsibility for our happiness… our success… our future – without groveling for bailouts.

Whichever one you choose, I won’t pass judgment. But I can personally guarantee: Whatever time or effort you invest to pursue your goals and pry yourself from the grip of a rigged, rotten system – will be returned to you ten-fold.

It doesn’t matter if you spend 10 minutes a month or a few weekends a year – you’ll get back what you put in many times over.

So let’s recap what I’m prepared to give you…


Annual Value
With Alliance Membership

Digital Audio Recordings from every future Sovereign Society conference we hold

Copies of my Best-Selling Books and FREE updates, for life
Annual Admission to the Total Wealth Symposium
Legislative Defense Alerts
Lifetime Subscription to The Sovereign Individual
Private “Offshore Millionaire” Conference Call Series
"Bauman Confidential" Monthly Briefings
Total 1-Year Value:

The two-year value is $5,566

Over five years, it’s $13,915!


ALRIGHT… How Much Does it Cost?

Most people would expect to pay between $3,000 to $5,000 plus an annual fee of $300. But this is not about money. It’s a chance to bring us all together – in a way that would have been impossible just a few years ago.

For that reason, we are running the Freedom Alliance more like a traditional “non-profit” group – that reinvests its knowledge and resources in its own members.

And that’s why we’re NOT charging $5,000… or even $3,000…

The standard one-time membership fee is $1,795. (That covers your initiation and dues for the first year and makes you a member of our private circle for as long as you care to stay with us.)

I think you’ll agree this is more than reasonable. At that rate, your membership will pay for itself… in less than one year.

But if you sign up today, I'll do one better - and drop your initiation fee to $1,195. That's a $600 savings.

Thereafter, it’s just $49 per annum. As you can imagine, this barely covers our costs – printing, labor and shipping. (Heck, our monthly newsletter, The Sovereign Individual normally costs $49 a year by itself. As a Freedom Alliance member, you’ll get ten-times that.)

Enroll Now

If you find yourself put off by this amount – no hard feelings. You should not feel “less than” or embarrassed. It just means this opportunity is not for you.

But if you agree with me that NOW is the time to prepare… and you’d like to lock-in this ridiculously low rate for lifetime access to our most sought-after books, conferences and digital audio recordings (for starters), here’s…

What to Expect…

I’ve told you much about how the Freedom Alliance works in this letter but the instant you apply, you’ll be sent the full details… our complete schedule of meet-ups and events… what you can expect when we meet and much more.

Right off the bat, you’ll get

  • FREE Admission, Plus Online Audio CDs from every future Sovereign Society event.
  • Immediate access to ALL of my best-selling books and reports : The Passport Book, Where to Stash Your Cash Legally, Lawyer-Proof Your Life and The Expatriation Report – for starters. Plus my 2010 updated edition of Forbidden Knowledge.
  • Complimentary lifetime subscription to The Sovereign Individual – our monthly newsletter that’s eagerly anticipated by 28,600 perpetual travelers, global investors and expats each month.
  • Members-only access to our “Offshore Millionaire” audio library, including three face-to-face interviews that I believe could change your life.
  • Our most powerful asset-protection research to-date, Bauman Confidential – covering subjects from offshore real estate to tax-savings to expatriation.
  • And a private password that gives you 24/7 access to our Freedom Alliance website, members-only message board and your complete Escape From America Tool-Kit.

Once you receive everything, take some time and look it over.

If as I suspect, you decide to stay on, wonderful!

And if not, then you’re protected by our…

Unconditional 100%
Buy-it-Back Money-Back Guarantee

Take a full 60 days to sample everything The Freedom Alliance offers.

And if you’re not 100% thrilled… If you don’t think it will save you thousands of dollars you’d otherwise flush down the drain in taxes, financial mistakes and fees you don’t have to pay… If you don’t find yourself flush with powerful (yet prudent) investment options you can’t find anywhere else…

Just call 1-866-584-4096 and we will immediately Buy-Back your membership – no questions asked.

Best of all – you can keep everything else you’ve received, with my compliments…

You’ll also get to sample EVERY one of my digital books – from The Passport Book to Forbidden Knowledge – a $546 value – yours free.

Enroll Now... and SAVE $600

It’s my way of saying “thanks” for having the guts to look beyond the same old, tired, “dead-end” solutions being peddled by Wall Street

Why would I hand you the keys to my life’s work for free?

Because I’ve spent thirteen years preparing for this day – reporting on investment and personal finance strategies the government hopes you’ll never hear about. Look… our team didn’t rise from a small, four-person group (crammed into a 10 by 15-foot office) to the far-flung and successful operation you see today by sheer luck or “gotcha” sales tactics.

It is my belief that YOU are the best judge of how to spend your time and money. And so I will respect your decision either way.

And on a personal note…

Thanks again for your part in making it possible for me to do what I love here at The Freedom Alliance. And I hope you’ll be with us – prospering with ever-greater financial security and peace of mind – for years and years to come.

If you feel the same way, I strongly suggest you take advantage of this one-time offer to save off our most controversial (and powerful) research to date. 


Robert E. Bauman, J.D.
Chairman, The Sovereign Society Freedom Alliance
April 2011

Enroll Now

P.S.  Imagine no longer stressing over bills, taxes or the economy. How different would your life be? Through our Sovereign Society Freedom Alliance, we will help you achieve that goal. Total Wealth – with no limits – where your bank account mirrors the kind of person you really are. That’s our commitment. And that’s why we are offering over $2,700 of research to Alliance members for each and every year – FREE

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