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Occupy Hong Kong is Giving Us a Great Opportunity to Earn a 50% Return

Jeff Opdyke | October 30, 2014

This weekend will mark a historic moment for Hong Kong and Shanghai. The two cities will test a system called Stock Connect that will unite their financial markets. Once the trading system is tweaked and finally approved by the Chinese government, investors the world over will be able — for the first time ever — [...]

What’s the Deal With Oil?

Jeff Opdyke | October 23, 2014

During The Sovereign Society franchise meeting last week, I had the chance to pull Jeff aside and discuss what’s happening these days in the oil market — along with the pressure it’s putting on certain stocks in our portfolio. We got to talking about the real reasons lurking behind the recent decline in oil, and [...]

Another Sound Global Waiting to Explode Higher

Jeff Opdyke | October 16, 2014

There came a point during the period we owned Sound Global when the shares were down 44%. The Chinese builder of wastewater-treatment plants could find no support in the Hong Kong market. Yet I kept encouraging Profit Seeker readers to buy, buy, buy … all the way down. It only made sense to do so. [...]