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Profit From This Revolutionary Burmese Trend

Jeff Opdyke | September 25, 2014

When I was traveling through Burma over the summer, I had a conversation with an executive at a mobile-phone carrier about changes sweeping through the local industry. One of her comments in particular struck me: Prior to the government opening the country to greater mobile competition, SIM cards — the fingernail-sized computer chip that links [...]

A Note From Panama

Jeff Opdyke | September 18, 2014

Since Monday night, I’ve been in Panama City — a place that has quickly developed into a lively city of high-rises and modern highways. I came down here to speak at our annual Total Wealth Symposium, and it has been crazy busy so far, speaking and reconnecting with friends from around the world and readers [...]

Uranerz Will Benefit From Uranium’s Rise

Jeff Opdyke | September 11, 2014

So, here’s the situation: Last Friday, Australia signed a uranium export deal with India — the first one in decades. See, India currently obtains about 20% of its energy from coal-fired power plants, but the country is tired of relying on coal. It hopes to reduce its fossil-fuel dependence by increasing nuclear power by a [...]