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You Need to Know Something About Our Portfolio

Chad Shoop | July 31, 2014

This week, Jeff dove into his book about the global rise of prosperity and is currently absorbed in his Colombia chapter. But he emerged from his writing trance long enough to tell me the focus of this dispatch. He wants you to know about something happening in our portfolio … It’s moving — and we [...]

Update on Krung Thai Bank and China Huishan Dairy

Jeff Opdyke | July 24, 2014

Beware of Burmese arugula! Seriously. Beware! On my last day in Rangoon, I grabbed an otherwise fabulous pork-loin sandwich on the patio overhanging the pool at my British Colonial-era hotel. The day’s monsoonal heat was just settling in over a tropical, Kiplingesque setting. I was soon to set off for the city’s surprisingly efficient and [...]

The Anecdote From Burma That Explains Our Opportunity to Earn 70% in Telecom

Jeff Opdyke | July 17, 2014

RANGOON, Burma: Back in the 1950s and ’60s, Pansodan Street was the literati hangout, lined with bookshops and the voices of sedition, as this country lurched into a military dictatorship. Prior to that, back in the dying days of the British Empire, of which Burma was a South Asian jewel, Pansodan served as a financial [...]