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Welcome to Smart Money Alert!

As a subscriber to Smart Money Alert, you’re a part of an easy-to-use system that’s never had a losing year.

When designing this service, we had one key goal in mind — to code a system that would continuously find out where the money was going over the next 30 days. That way, it would almost never lose money over the course of a year. After 10 years of rigorous backtesting, we finally did it. We had the Smart Money Alert service — a safe, reliable system that you only need to trade once a month.

Better yet, it’s essentially crash proof.

See, over the last decade, our historical analysis shows that we could have turned $100,000 into $388,000 with this system, as opposed to the $186,000 you would have ended up with if you’d invested in ordinary stocks. And that backtesting included the painfully disastrous financial crisis of 2008 and 2009. In fact, by following my system, you would have made 11% in 2008 and 35% in 2009.

With the Smart Money Alert system, you can finally have the comfortable, wealthy retirement you deserve … and your money will keep growing, just like clockwork.

Your membership to Smart Money Alert includes:

  • The Quick-Start Guide: When you read all two pages of this document, you’ll see exactly what I mean when I talk about how easy it is to follow this system. It includes all the information you’ll need to start trading.
  • Monthly Trade Alerts: At the start of each month, you’ll receive a concise, easy-to-read email that explains how each position in the model portfolio performed the previous month, which gains we recommend you cash out and what new positions to open in their place.
  • Weekly Email Updates: I’ll be right there, helping you get the most from my research, recommendations and the system every step of the way. These short emails will make it easy to stay up-to-date on any news, events or opportunities that could affect the market or our holdings. They are optional reading and intended to help you feel at ease about your investments.
  • The Model Portfolio: This portfolio is your wealth-building meter. It will give you a constant, up-to-date tally of how much our money has grown … from the day the system went live right up to the present moment.
  • A dedicated customer service team: We have a dedicated, highly trained team here to answer any questions you may have about your subscription.

To complete your trial subscription and join Smart Money Alert, simply click the button to the right. It will take just a few minutes to join us on the road to easy, reliable profits.

Welcome to Smart Money Alert!


Ted Bauman
Editor, Smart Money Alert