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At Strategic Investment you can access one of the most powerful networks of inside connections.

I have sat shoulder to shoulder with figures including George H.W. Bush, Steve Forbes, Margaret Thatcher, Sir Roger Douglas, Boris Yeltsin, Carlos Menem, John Browne, and Bill and Hillary Clinton to name but a few. And it is my access to powerful inside connections like these that has been the reason Strategic Investment has often been referred to as an “Investor’s CIA.”

This is why subscribers to Strategic Investment have always had an edge over the average investor, who relies on mainstream information flows.

The mainstream media with all its bells and whistles, sensational sound bites and meaningless montages, is designed not to educate you, but to entertain you … not to answer questions, but to question answers … to detract and distract … amuse and confuse … paralyze and terrorize … motivating investors to make decisions based on their emotions and not on logic.

This almost always, as I’ve witnessed through four decades of crises, causes investors to make all the wrong choices at all the wrong times: selling when they should buy, and buying when they should sell.

The mainstream media’s employees are like birds skimming for bugs on the surface of the water, shying too far away from the deeper currents and undertows to know, care or dare where they are tending…

But at Strategic Investment, we are like marine biologists, diving deep to discover the secrets beneath the surface. And we do it by applying a completely novel approach to the art of forecasting…

It’s an approach we call Megapolitics.

The late Lord William Rees-Mogg and I first invented the theory of Megapolitics in the ’80s, and it is one on which we have based all our forecasts, including the ones set out in our three best-selling books (Blood in the StreetsThe Great Reckoning and The Sovereign Individual).

And I believe it is the reason behind Strategic’s success, and the reason why we have been able to predict (and even profit from) events that others claimed were “impossible.” It’s why everyone from the World Bank to heads of state … from the titans of yesterday to the titans of today … has subscribed to our advice.

By understanding the fundamental reasons that drive economies and shape markets, you can take back control of your life and your finances. That’s what we’re here to help you to do at Strategic Investment.

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James Dale Davidson
Editor, Strategic Investment